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Gathering With Family and Friends

It’s an annual tradition at Paradise Found hosting a celebratory Christmas Eve Seafood Boil. The feast where we all share something for the “pot” has become an event we look forward to each season. Gathering with family and friends and sharing a delicious oceanside meal is the best way ( in our not so humble opinion) to begin the Christmas festivities.

The meal is best shared communal style served from one or two large platters, lots of paper towels and a few throw away bowls for shells etc. Nothing fancy , but the most fun interactive meal we know of.

Though we can’t transport the ocean to your location a Seafood Boil is easy to create anywhere anytime. Source your local ingredients and begin your own family tradition. Paradise Found Style is a way of life- living like your on vacation – year round. Give it a try.

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring our the best in ourselves”. 

William Arthur Ward



Seafood Boil

What you’ll need :

One large pot and a colander or spider for dipping the goodness into a large serving bowl or platter.

Main Ingredients: dependent on availability if all you have access to is shrimp – no worries! Our recommended ingredients make a generous boil for 10.

Shrimp: whole, deveined, peel on. Large is our preference. (3.5 lbs)

Lobster: Florida Spiny Lobster tails (5)

Clams: Little Neck or whatever is available sometimes referred to as steamers (50)

Smoked Sausage: Kielbasa or anytime type of cured sausage will do (3 lbs)

Corn on the cob: Fresh is preferred husked and cut in 1/2 (10 ears)

Potatoes: Small red bliss the one bite size cleaned and left whole. (30)

Two loaves of Fresh Baguette – for soaping up the wonderful broth!

Broth/Boil Ingredients: Combine ingredients into the large pot and bring to a boil!

(3) large onions skin on quartered , (3) fresh lemons quartered, (3) heads of garlic cut in half ,

(3) red sweet peppers quartered , (1) pint bottle of stout beer, (1) can of Old Bay seasoning,

(1) handful of whole peppercorns, (2) generous pinches of kosher salt, (2) pinches red pepper flakes adjust seasonings to personal taste- spice and heat!

Water as necessary to fill the pot! 

Combine the broth ingredients and bring to a boil! The trick is adding the ingredients in a sequence according to cooking time. The potatoes take the longest they go in first when firm add the sausage  and corn. The seafood will all cook relatively quickly.  Bringing the broth to a full boil is the key so don’t rush the process. All this goodness adds to the yummy broth flavor.

Lobster first, then shrimp and the clams last. If over cooked the seafood will be tough so pay attention to the color. The lobster shell will turn orange/red, the shrimp will turn pink and the clams will open. DONE!

The entire process (dependent on time to bring broth to boil) 30 minutes. Drizzle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Serve steaming with warm bread,  cocktail sauce and a beverage of your choice. Most of all enjoy the time with family and friends.

Send us a message and let us know how your Seafood Boil turned out and we’d love to see some pictures too!